We Began With A Simple Observation:

Many young people are struggling because they haven't developed the skills they need to thrive in today's complicated world.

& Created A Solution:

Provide integrated skills training that encourages emotional, social and cognitive health in individuals, families & communities.

Why We Care? We've Been there!

Sol grew up being supported by her dad, Bruno, who taught her how to develop new skills whenever she faced a challenge in adolescence or young adulthood. As a result of Bruno's guidance & her hard work, Sol learned how to create a more balanced, healthy & productive life. Now, they work together to provide research-backed skills training to the WholeMinde community!

Sol X. Wooten

Skills Trainer

Before WholeMinde, I worked as an executive functioning skills coach for middle & high school students. As many people do, my students struggled to be self-aware, productive, healthy & communicative. Now, I take a holistic approach to skills training that inspires development in multiple areas so that my clients feel socially confident, emotionally aware, motivated & supported in pursuing their goals. 

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Mediator

My experience in many different settings, including corporations, nonprofit organizations, schools, & private practice, has contributed to my realization that some people have really strong cognitive skills, others emotional skills or social skills, but few have all. We aim to create a place where people can develop their emotional, social, & executive functioning skills to create a well-integrated mind & life. 

Bruno G. Lepore

Program Developer

B.A. in Psychology, Development Mentor & Public Speaker