Child & Family Services

Being a young person is challenging on many levels.

We're here to help your child learn the skills they need to thrive.


Begins with in-person meeting that takes place with you, your child, and Sol followed by a series of short questionnaires. This assessment is designed to provide insight into your child's cognitive, emotional and social strengths as well as their challenges.

Skills Training

One-on-one sessions that are individually created to build your child's most needed skills based on Assessment results. Each session includes discussion, activities and skills practice for the week. 


Created to provide extra support for children & teens who progress best with: task initiation help, consistent feedback, and/or accountability checks. These are 15-minute conversations that take place via phone/FaceTime/Skype.

Parent Support

We recognize that being a parent is not always easy. We offer consultation meetings to help address supporting your child's skills growth at home.