Step 1: Interview

We have designed an interview that helps us get a better understanding of the person: what habits they currently have, what areas they perform well in, & how they feel about their social, emotional and cognitive skills. With individuals that live with their parents, we like to have the parents present as well to offer their perspective! Typically, the interview lasts 1.5 hours.

Step 2: Validated Questionnaires

After the interview, we send you five validated questionnaires that measure executive functioning skills, mindset, grit, emotional intelligence, & character strengths. These take very little time to complete and give us some great additional insight!

Step 3: Results Chart

Next, we examine the results and put together a take-home chart that clearly identifies the individual's skills strengths and areas to target. For younger clients, we also provide individualized tips for parents to use at home to support their child in their skills development.

Price: $200